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Blog Pixie Heart
Blog Pixie Heart
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Available in soft &
hardcover, E-book

Blog Pixie Heart

Gift Sets available

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Available in Soft & Hardcover, E-Book

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*Seeds not included

Set includes: 1 Book, Dustcover, *Lollipop Seed Bag, 1 Lollipop (3x3) sticker

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Come meet the Lollipop Fairy

and share in the birthday tradition

celebrated by those young at heart

from a newborn child to 100 years.


This classic birthday book

will be enjoyed every year

as you watch your child awake

to a delightful lollipop garden

on their birthday.


Bring this beloved  simple &

unique tradition to your family

and create birthday memories

for generations to come.

The Lollipop Fairy

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What is the Lollipop Fairy Tradition?

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Lollipop Fairy
Birthday Tradition Stories

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Traditions are the heart
of our family and community.
They are the foundations that provide stability in this world.

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The Perfect Gift

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History of
the tradition

Where it all began

When the author's first child was born, she wanted to create traditions that he would hold in his heart and that would carry through the generations. As a busy mom, she needed the idea to be simple and yet heartfelt. That is when the Lollipop Fairy tradition started in her home.


Each year on the day before her son’s birthday, “lollipop seeds” would be delivered (one for each year here). That night, he would plant his seeds outside and wake up on his birthday morning to a magical lollipop garden outside. She wrote this book to share this simple tradition with other parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, etc. with hope this story would bring as much joy and lasting memories as it has to her family.

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Calendar of Events

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About the Author

Let's Connect

Jana Anderson

Jana is a literacy specialist, Special-Education teacher, and mother of two sons and two lazy Labradors. She has been a lifelong advocate for children with different needs and is passionate about establishing a love of reading in children.


If Jana isn't in the ocean swimming, diving, or sailing, you will find her planning her next traveling adventure to share with her family. 


Jana attended the University of North Texas where she earned a bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education and a master's degree in Special Education.


She and her family reside in San Diego, California, and 17 years later, they still enjoy this sweet family tradition.  

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About the Illustrator

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Riley Helal

Riley is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She graduated from the University of Idaho with a major in Studio Art and Design.


She always had a love of art that she never outgrew, and that childhood joy turned into my current daily drawings of monsters and magic. You can view more of her artwork www.rileyhelal.myportfolio.com

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