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Everything you need to know about finding the perfect unique and/or allergy friendly lollipop!

July 18, 2022 / Jana Anderson

Find the Perfect Unique and/or Allergy Friendly Lollipop

The Lollipop Fairy, A Sweet Birthday Tradition children's book was written to share this simple sweet birthday tradition with others around the world. Often times, adults think there is a one specific way "The Lollipop Fairy" delivers her seeds or there has to be one specific lollipop that grows but that is not the case. Questions I’m often asked are, “Do Lollipop Seeds come with the book?”, “What types of lollipops grow from the magical lollipop seeds?", and "Where can I find allergy friend and/or all natural organic lollipops?” Hopefully, this article will help answer those questions and more!


Do Lollipop Seeds come with the book, The Lollipop Fairy, A Sweet Birthday Tradition?

The short answer is no. However, there is a very important reason why The Lollipop Fairy, A Sweet Birthday Tradition does not come with “magical lollipop seeds”. The beauty in the tradition is the simplicity and flexibility and having no rule on what constitutes a “lollipop seed” is part of that. The birthday child never really knows what the seeds will look like until they “magically” arrive. This is very helpful for those years when the “The Lollipop Fairy” is short on time and creativity.

What types of lollipops grow from the magical lollipop seeds?Where can I find allergy friend and/or all natural organic lollipops?

Each year, the lollipops can all match, be a variety of lollipop types, be a fake lollipop (with gift cards or gift placed close by for those with severe food allergies), or anything else “The Lollipop Fairy” chooses that year. Once again, this is another reason why this annual birthday tradition is so accessible and flexible. The tradition can be as simple or as elaborate as “The Lollipop Fairy” decides that year. Sometimes there’s just not enough time or resources to go all out but the magic in the experience is always there, and that’s all the birthday child truly cares about.

Fortunately, we live in a time where there are a variety of lollipops available to purchase. Candy manufacturers have come to the table and understand there are different dietary restrictions that sometimes require candy to be all natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, dye-free and/or more.

We all know where to find a standard lollipop but if you are looking for some unique options or restricted dietary needs options, please use this list below for reference. I can’t guarantee the dietary claims made by these manufacturers and recommend thoroughly researching the product before purchasing but all of these recommendations came directly from parents looking for alternatives. Please share your unique lollipop manufacturer recommendations to . I’m always looking for new ideas to share with “The Lollipop Fairy”.

Have fun, and please tag me at @Lollipop_Fairy_Birthday with your your beautiful birthday memories!

Unique and/or dietary minded lollipop manufacturers

Sweet Caroline Confectioners

I just love this manufacturer. There is so much love poured into their products. They are known as the "Original Sparkle Lollipop", and their lollipops are simply beautiful. They have options for custom orders and change up their designs regularly. Take a moment to review this special company's unique products. You will not be disappointed!

Oriental Trading

This site is filled with cost effective lollipop choices in a number of different styles to choose from. This is a one stop shop for those looking for a fun variety of treats at the right price. Oriental Trading Lollipops

Sparko Sweets

These gorgeous handcrafted lollipops come in a variety of styles including all natural honey, unicorn pops, and spherical styles that can be customized with pictures, and much more. The detailed packaging and variety of lollipop choices makes Sparko Sweets a sweet spot to visit for your next lollipop purchase!

Dylan's Candy Bar

When the company's mission is to "... merge fashion, art and pop culture with candy to ignite the creative spirit and inner child in everyone that visits", you know you are going to find some fun finds here. Over 7,000 confections are available under the Dylan Candy Bar roof! You can order online or visit one of their fabulous colorful stores.


These allergy friendly lollipops all started from the imagination of a seven year old! According to their website, "Zolli Candy is natural, allergy-free, sugar free, vegan*, KETO, diabetic-friendly, non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free*, made with natural flavors, no artificial colors, and kosher. "

Amborella Lollipops

How can you say no to these natural lollipops when Amborella's main page state's, "Fostering human connection + sustainability, one lollipop at a time". After enjoying your sweet treat, you can actually plant the biodegradable lollipop stick and grow a flower or herb from the embedded seeds. It's a win win for your tummy and for nature!


Yum Earth

Yum Earth is committed to creating organic lollipops that are both allergy friendly and delicious!


This company has been making candy since 1920, and they know a thing or two about making quality treats. These organic orange lollipops made with all natural ingredients are sure to bring a smile or two on birthday mornings! Take a moment to review the wide variety of quality treats this 100 year old company has to offer. If you are in Colorado, you can even schedule a factory tour!

Dr. Johns Healthy Sweets

These naturally sweetened lollipops are just what the doctor ordered to make birthday mornings memorable!

In the end, it's all about the moment

It's important to remember that twenty years from now, the birthday child will not remember the specific lollipops that grew. The child will look back and remember the excitement, the love, the anticipation, and the many sweet memories from birthday mornings. Memories last forever....make new ones today!




I'm Jana

Mom, Teacher, and Author of The Lollipop Fairy, A Sweet Birthday Tradition children's book.

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