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"What a whimsically sweet and fun book! This is a magical expression of family traditions, and of those to come! The story is wrapped in loving goodness, and the illustrations are out of this world fantastic! The Lollipop Fairy Book will surely help start new family traditions and bring smiles to all who open its beautiful pages!"


Eric Chagala (Ed.D. Educational Leadership)

"Innovative Principal of the Year" Classroom of the Future Foundation (CFF), 2020

"In creating the book, The Lollipop Fairy, A Sweet Birthday Tradition, Jana Anderson whimsically engages the child’s imagination and anticipation for a coming birthday. The story creates a sense of wonderment that can be experienced year after year and passed down to future generations. This book has universal appeal. It can be enjoyed by any family wishing to create novel birthday traditions for their children."

Jennifer Vail, Elementary Schoolteacher, 31 years, Master’s Degree in Education/Multicultural and Language Diversity

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"I work with many families struggling to create new lives after experiencing abuse and trauma. I often recommend creating new family traditions to support their new life. The Lollipop Fairy provides a simple and cost-effective way to create a new family tradition for birthdays. Children will love the colorful and beautiful illustrations and fun story provided to introduce The Lollipop Fairy. "

Mindful and Compassion ACT Coach - Heidi Eilers, PhD, BCBA-D, CCTP

"The Lollipop Fairy, A Sweet Birthday Tradition is a vibrant children's picture book that promotes the establishment of annual family traditions celebrating birthdays. The use of fairies, magic seeds and lollipops to denote the passage of another year is sure to delight children."


Kathy Cresto, Retired Librarian, Thousand Oaks, CA

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